Let me first say, Moj, no one has yet asked to legalise life, so take your ban hammer somewhere else.

Most people may not be aware, but the cannabis plant can, in fact, cure cancer.  Under the current situation where people hold great prejudice against this medicinal herb, including the mainstream propaganda machine, people are dying of cancer and undergoing crippling chemotherapy when they need not.

My proposal is to legalise the right to life, this includes being given the right of using the cannabis plant to make and use hemp oil as shown in the movie called Run From The Cure, as a preventative and active curing agent for their bodies.

Hemp oil can be used to treat diabetes, ulcers, depression, cancer and many more ailments that currently only the corporate controlled medical industry has the legal right to treat.

 Before you nay-sayers attempt to thwart this proposal as "Oh, another guy that wants to get high", just remember this isn't about getting high, it's about curing a desease or multiple deseases you may have that would kill you.  It's well documented in medical journals, online and offline, that THC and other chemicals in cannabis help with the aforementioned ailments, so do your own research and learn the truth.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important, because this is an idea that would save countless lives.


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