Section 165 of the RTA 1988 now allows Police to seize a Vehicle if ti's not insured. Personally i've heard some horror stories over the years since this law was passed prime example a friend of mine was stopped one late evening by the Police using their ANPR system on there MID euipped vehicle it was telling the two wally Constables being after 5:30pm he could not contact his Insurerance Co to verify to the two idiot PC's that he was insured fully they had it down that he wasn't covered to they siezed his vehicle full of his weekly shopping also with were his Mom his 2 year old daughter. "How can this be right" ?


Then to add insult to injury the Police use a private recovery firm to recover the Vehicle at a cost of £150 after all this it did transpire that my friend was insured he paid the £150 to get his loved BMW back after the Police had seen his insurerance and released his vehicle when he asked the Police how he got his £150 back after all he's committed no crime here he was rudely told see you insurers their fault your details were'nt on the MID typical Police attitude.


So my point being you can be a perfectly law abiding citizen but with this Section 165 idiotic legislation even the good are punished .


And you call that Democracy yeah right this country now excercises communsism guilty till you proove your innocent.  

Why is this idea important?

To Repeal the stupid section 165 of the RTA 1988 and give power back to our People.

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