If as I suspect it will be impossible to prevent the use of CCTV and other camera surveillance systems, the alternative would to regulate its use by means of a renewable licensing system. An annual licensing fee of £75-£150 would net an annual return of between £375M and £750M and would go some way to the active reduction of some of the estimated 5 million cameras in use today. The creation of a regulatory board would also provide a large number of jobs. I would regulate all cameras and storage of data with the compulsory detruction of data (except where used as court evidence – and only where a conviction is made). All cameras would be regulated including private householders, office, shops, places of work, highway, areial, satelite and even 'tourist' web-cams. I expect the current estimate of 5 million cameras is grossly understated.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because our civil liberties are being violated and there needs to be regulation to stem this surveillance culture. I would also like to see tighter regulation on foreign governments who have access to our network of cameras and who use military bases for activities that are not permitted in their own country.


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