The clause in social housing tenancies of being able in live in a council property till you die should be stopped i know it sounds harsh but before this was sustainable for a number of reasons but now after 13 years of uncontrolled immigration under Labour,people living longer and house buying is becoming more unlikely for people due to finances.We now have a vast shortage of social housing and housing lists have grown in some area's to 10years waiting.

Why is this idea important?

Doing away with this clause would benefit in a number of ways.1)It would free up scores of 3/4-bed family homes for low income families in private rent so ease there financial burden.2)Single/couples who live in 3/4 bed homes could be allocated smaller properties also easing there financial burden by less rent,council tax and less fuel bills as less rooms to heat etc 3)Allocation of properties for single/couple residents in communities which are safe and in some cases not isolated.4) This would cut the Housing Benefit bill as council rents are a lot less than private rent.

It’s a harsh thing to say i know but it would be fair to give a family a chance of a affordable home and doing so help both sides of the coin financially and in life,i don’t see any sense in 3/4 bed councils houses with only a single/couple living in them and not being used for what there were built for while low income families are having to contend with the high rents and council taxes of private rented homes so burdening them with financial hardship and also burdening the taxpayer via housing benefit.I believe unless there is a massive surge in social house building we have to get rid of out dated clauses and laws,i my self would downsize as soon as my kids left home as did my parents.

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