In the near future, vacancies can be filled by cronyism and the making up of quota's rather than employing the best person for the job based on merit and skill. This is not an equality but positive discrimination and any discrimination of any kind, even if 'positive' is wrong. 

Also, businesses will be monitored too heavily due to requirements of the Act and therefore this oppressive bordering on communist Act must be repealed and common sense restored.

Why is this idea important?


People regardless of their gender, preferences, race, religion or cultural background should be employed on their abilities with an equal chance, not one group given preference over another.

That reason alone is enough to make this request for repealing this controversial Act.

Another reason is that businesses will be monitored too heavily due to requirements of the Act and will add even more layers of expensive red tape to already over-burdened businesses in a new age of austerity. Not good. The so-called Equalities Act must go before it has had the chance to cause any damage to an already damaged private sector.

Common sense must prevail in natural non-enforced acts of equality. It is also far less costlier and cheaper. Thank you for considering my proposal to repeal the Equalities Act. Down with red tape and positive discrimination which erode the peoples liberties and chances of finding work in a recession-hurt country and are appointed on merit and not cronyism.

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