The repeal of the ban on fox hunting with hounds I believe to be important. It goes against centuries of traditional methods of pest control and is enormously difficult to police properly too.

Why is this idea important?

The people that hunt to hound, I am not one incidentally, are responsible, sensible people from all classes who work hard to stay within the law but can easily transgress in the current state of affairs without meaning too at all.

Foxes taken with hounds are the unwell and unfit that are most likely to attack domestic livestock.  This means that the farmers and livestock holders have to protect their business in whichever way they can and this inevitably leads to further distress as on occasion unsafe methods are used without the finality of knowing that the "kill" has taken place.

I sincerely ask the government to look again at this law and allow the hunts once more to do the job of fox control which will be to the benefit of the countryside and the animals therein.

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