The drug laws have failed. Use of drugs has soared under a regime of prohibition. Crimes of acquisition go up as a result. People feel less safe in their communities. Gangsters get rich. Disaster! We need to tell people the truth. Prohibition has failed. The 'war on drugs' is just a useless slogan. Another truth: 99% of people take  drugs recreationally WITHOUT immediately falling dead or becoming ill or commtting other crimes. Another truth: Drugs are not equally harmful. Some illegal drugs are safer then alcohol or tobacco. Another truth: Most people on the very dangerous drugs of heroin and crack want to stop. A few don't. We need to be able to help those who want to stop and lock up those who don't.  People are not interested in another lurid Daily Mail headline. They just want to feel safe in their homes and neighbourhoods – that's what really matters.

The solution? Small quantities of all drugs for personal use should be decriminalised IF there is no other offence being committed. If there is another offence then drug possession should act as an aggravating factor for that offence. By decriminilasing small quantiites for personal use we allow agencies and support groups to go to work to help those what want help. It has worked for Portugal so it will work for Britain if only we are brave enough to tell the public the truth.



Why is this idea important?

To cut crime. To help people out of drug dependency. To treat people as adults able to make own decisions. To make communities safer. To cut the financial lifeblood of gangsters. To tell the truth.

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