I work as a TA and also a parent governor and the past government has made it more and more difficult to exclude disruptive pupils because 'every child matters' and TA's, myself included daily have verbal abuse and physical abuse to deal with. 

It is about time parent once again became responsible for their childs behaviour and are made to parent.  Schools are doing more and more of the parents job instead of teaching children who really need it.  Very rarely are children given a funded statement to aid them with learning, with children who actually want to learn.  Yet disruptive and violent children are given statements because of their behaviour and are given one to one support.

The health and safety at work act does not seem to apply to support staff in schools.  If staff complain it can be 'awkward' and lives can be made difficult because heads hands are tied.

Children who are being disruptive for the sake of being need specialist units where there needs can be met so children who behave can get the education they deserve without fear.

If a child has been violent to either staff or pupil, the school should not be questioned or reprimanded but the parents, and if need be penalise the parents maybe then they will sit up and take notice.

Action needs to be taken because all schools budgets are taken up dealing with disruptive pupils who do not have funding and are eating into the main school budgets which has a knock on effect to every childs education.


Why is this idea important?

Schools will be back in control, pupils with challenging behaviour will be given the care and attention they need to help them and mainstream kids will learn in a safe environment.

Until parents are made responsible for their childs behaviour nothing will change.  If their childs behaviour affects the parents maybe then they will start parenting properly. Too much is placed on schools to change children when school are there to teach.

We have become a society of pandering and pampering to badly behaved children because parents and schools have lost power.  Children are children and should be kept that way, instead we are raising mini 'i know my rights' dictators who are incapable of accepting responsibility for their own behaviours which will only get worse. 

Also if children refuse to go to school from the age of 14 why do we then decide to prosecute parents??? yet when they are violent towards staff and pupils we dont prosecute or hold parents accountable?? seems to me that pupils can spit, throw chairs, swear at teachers and staff and that is ok…but if children dont turn up to do that then parents are fined…totally the wrong way round …

We need to get back to basics, back to the good old days of discipline and get rid of the do gooders which are a waste of time in extreme cases

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