The ban on hunting came about because of ignorance and prejudice.  The anti faction had built up a tissue of half-facts and lies over many years and convinced many of the public, most of whom had never experienced a hunt.  Sterotypes of toffs – true maybe for the minority of rich hunts but nowhere near the truth for the majority of small local hunts – and the magnification of some unfortunate incidents, has created a very misleading view of hunting.  The hunting fraternity had not had the foresight to launch their own PR campaign until it was too late. Many of the people who hunt keep animals themselves, and to all of the people I have ever met out hunting, cruelty to animals would be abhorent.  It is ridiculous that prejudice has been allowed to over-ride the facts.  Please repeal this unfair law.

Why is this idea important?

Because English Law is too important to contain laws that are there unless they are based on hard facts, and not prejudice, and have a valid reason for existing.

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