The extradition treaty with the USA is possibly the most unfair, unjust and sycophantic piece of legislation that any UK government has passed in a long, long time. It needs to be abolished immediately.

We need to introduce a new extradition treaty with the USA which is fair to the British people. Which is just to the British people and Which defends the British people their liberty and their interests.

We need a new treaty with the USA which requires the US authorities to put all the evidence at their disposal in front of the British court. This will allow the accused to see the evidence and defend him or herself accordingly.  Only crimes which are a crime in the UK will be considered by the court. Nothing else.

Why is this idea important?

For decades now since WW2 successive British governments have cow-towed to various foreign powers, including  the USA and the EC to name two, frittering away Briton's rights,liberties and economic wellbeing.

It is time our leaders stood up for the UK's people freedoms, rights and liberties and defended them from attack from foreign powers

If the USA will not agree to abolish the treaty then we must abolish it from the British end.  As President Obama seems to be anti-British perhaps it will be better for us all if our leaders grow some backbone.  The USA does not seem to value us as an ally. It is time we looked elsewhere. In my experience there are a number of countries with much goodwill towards the UK. Some of those countries are very economically active and may yet prove to be better allies for us than the USA.

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