The theory of multiculturalism is to create a society which embraces variety, understanding, tolerance and harmony between different cultures within the same country. Good idea but it doesn’t seem to be working.


I currently see groups of isolated cultures, attracting only more of their own, with little real integration or harmony, let alone tolerance and understanding.


The main reason multiculturalism is failing in this country is that many individuals cannot (or will not) speak ENGLISH. This condemns them to a life of social isolation with no hope of mixing with people of other cultures. I know the law on immigration will be changed to include a language test, but what about all those people already here who cannot mix? We need to do something to encourage them integrate rather than leave them to a life of, effectively, apartheid.


This is a sensitive subject that many people feel uneasy discussing, so let me make my position clear; I’m not a raciest and I would ask those with views of deportation to refrain from commenting here (you may be entitled to your opinion but please make them on someone else’s thread). I’m advocating a basic adoption of British values by ALL those who have the right to live here. I wouldn’t dream of moving to another country and trying to enforce my language, culture and ideas on them. People should be proud of their own culture but don’t thrust it publically on those who don’t share it


We need laws which will discourage isolation and encourage everyone to mix, speak the common language and feel part of the same country – what ever their race, religion or culture. A good start would be to ban foreign translated notices in public places and ban the wearing of “I’m not one of you” clothing in public.

Why is this idea important?


When financial times get tough (and we all know they will) some people will look for scapegoats and others to blame. The easy targets are those who look and act differently. Tolerance is admirable (and part of the British culture) but the setting up of separate schools, separate communities and separate religious buildings will serve to endanger the very values we wish to embrace.

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