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Abolish the Victim Support surcharge.

2 Comments 29th January 2015

As per the title, I would like to see the Victim Support surcharge abolished.

Why does this matter?

I would like to see the surcharge abolished as it fines guilty people regardless of whether there is a perceived victim in their case or not.

Punishment in this country should be proportionate to the crime/offence committed, levying a flat-rate surcharge, however small or insignificant it might appear to its instigators, is not proportionate.

In short it is unfair and should be abolished.

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2 Responses to Abolish the Victim Support surcharge.

  1. Ian Hamilton says:

    Absolute and utter fraud ! Typical of our corrupt shower of shite that ATTEMPT to run the country ( politicians ). They themselves have been proven to be corrupt. They couldn’t run a raffle !

  2. georgep says:

    ive had a letter saying im subject to the victim surcharge, and I don’t have a victim. so am I paying for someone elses victim ? that surely is wrong.

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