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Allow people to live their lives free of drugs

Comment 5th July 2010

Greatly increase penalties for those who smoke drugs in public and expose others to them. This kind of behaviour is becoming more and more prevalent and is hugely immoral as it endagers other people's mental health and alters their minds – this is a violation of other people's rights.

Why does this matter?

Public drug use presents a large scale danger to public health and is ethically worse than distributing drugs to buyers, as it inflicts mind-altering substances to unwilling people indiscriminately. Would alcohol be legal if everybody in the vicinity of the drinker got drunk?

I am in favour of people having freedom to choose their own lifestyle. If people use drugs responsibly and discreetly they should not be heavily penalised. But in order for drug use to really be a choice, public use of drugs cannot be permitted.

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