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Amend smoking law to permit lone workers to smoke.

Comment 2nd July 2010

Amend the smoking ban to permit those who work alone  to smoke if they wish,does anyone really believe that a little bit of cigarette smoke created by the driver of a heavy goods vehicle or an excavator while they work alone and usually with their operators cab open thus well ventilated makes a jot of difference compared to the thousands of litres of poisonous exhaust fumes produced by the engines of these vehicles,where is the proof that it is detrimental to any one if these drivers and others who work alone are permitted to smoke.Given there is no irrefutable proof which I'm sure is the case,what reason is there for denying those who wish it, to continue to smoke legally as has been the case for centuries.So if the zealots have no reason, can the rest of us have some please before anyone else loses theirs.

Why does this matter?

Individual freedom and personal sanity.The zealots say smoking kills,I've been a smoker for over forty years,sometimes these days I think if that were true it might be a blessed relief from the constant drivel.

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