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1 Comment 13th July 2010

The GCN and other websites like it do nothing to solve the problem.  These types of website put forward a bigoted untruthful and very misleading version of the facts designed only to give the impression of owning the moral high ground.  These harmful sites create fear and prejudice against a segment of society whom they know nothing about and do not understand.  And because of their ignorance they choose to project fear and loathing instead of education and understanding.

Why does this matter?

Websites like these pretend to speak for the authorities and give the impression that they are endorsed and have powers to change the law.  They Do Not.

The police can close down websites that steal money by promising goods that do not exist.  The government ha the powers to close down certain types of websites that preach untruths, lies and give false hope.  They should close down such sites that pretend to give out useful public information but who only spread their own version of the truth.  The GCN has the ear of the media simply because the press know they will always get a printable colourful answer that will help to spice up an otherwise factual story.  The GCN is not a recognised body nor does it have the support of any of the hundreds of UK Gun clubs, their tens of thousands of members or even the support of the Shotgun owning weekend shooting Members of Parliament or the House of Lords.

We should not allow the ranting of the bigoted angry few dictate terms to the law abiding masses in the UK regardless of the subject matter.

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One Response to Close Websites Like

  1. Mike says:

    Take a look at the “chairperson” of the Gun control network. She is a total bigot, with no real appreciation of the Firearms situation anywhere in the world. The tragety is, though, that she is able to use her and her husbands political connections to gain a voice on the high ground. A dreadful and dangerous woman if ever there was one.

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