Companies Act – Unnecessary Forms

The Companies Act 2006 has created a significant number of new forms, many of which appear to have little purpose. For example, Form CC04 – Statement of company's objects. Other than the company's number and name , this form has just a choice of three tick boxes to complete: 'addition to', 'removal of' and 'alteration to'.

Under the 1985 Companies Act it was only necessary to submit a special resolution and the new or revised memorandum and articles. This still has to be done under the 2006 Companies Act, but this pointless form also has to completed and filed. According to the notes on the form the amendment to the objects of the company is not effective until entry of the form on the Register.

The form cannot be filed using the Companies House WebFiling service. It can only be filled in on-line for printing. It cannot be saved or emailed. It still has to be signed on behalf of the company and sent in paper form to Companies House.

All these new forms should be reviewed to see if they are really necessary, and those that are not should be abolished, to cut down on needless red tape.

Why does this idea matter?

The Companies Act 2006 was supposed to reduce the burdon on small companies. Al these extra forms just make extra work for small businesses. There simply is no need for them.

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