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Cost duplication re Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits

Comment 5th July 2010

It seems to me that there is a duplication in cost, regulations and administration for the Child Benefit payments and the other Child Tax Credit element.  Could not the Child Benefit be dealt with just as effectively alongside the Child Tax Credit element? 

To have a high level of income should exclude Child Benefit payments making more available for those most in need.  It could then be dealt with as an addition to the Child Tax Credit element.  All the income figures are available at this source………… Have one department instead of one……………?

For those who do not qualify for the Working Families Tax Credit System surely this could be incorporated into other benefits received.

To simplify the system by reducing red tape and duplication would save costs and make it easier for those who need to jump through the various hoops to claim. 


Why does this matter?

This could save time, money, confusion, duplication of paperwork and reduce regulations.

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