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CRB checks should be job-specific

1 Comment 4th July 2010

There are several good reasons for CRB checks, e.g. when dealing with children. However, in the world of industry and non-public sectors, I do not believe that employers should be invading individuals privacy to identify conviction that do not have any relation to the role at all.

Research shows that it is 8 times more difficult for an offender to secure work – and that's ignoring whether they have had a prison sentance or whether it was a minor conviction.

Some employers (non-public organisations) ask applicants to disclose convictions that are classified as "spent", which breaches individuals human rights.

I would propose that:

(1) employers should only be able to view convictions that relate to the role, e.g. for accountants, a check on fraud would be appropriate, but a check on motoring offences are irrelavant.

(2) I believe that the CRB should not act as "big brother" and disclose every history about an individual. It is important to remember that the law is not perfect, and courts can make mistake in reaching their conclusion (i.e. someone that was not guilty is found to be guilty). Therefore, minor offences, should not be disclosed as part of CRB checks. Law tends to take a "one size fits all" approach.

(3) Employers should not be permitted to ask disclosure for spent convictions.

Why does this matter?

– We need to encourage offenders to get back into work. I think employers play a huge part in this.

– Employers should not invade people's privacy by looking at conviction that do not relate to the role.

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One Response to CRB checks should be job-specific

  1. Anthony says:

    I think it’s wrong that a company can easily find out someones business this easy.HR people are just normal people they shouldn’t be allowed to get this information easily.

    If someone has been to prison they have done their time.They shouldn’t have the conviction hanging over their head for life.

    If the job involves working with children it’s a bit different but any other job,no.

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