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deposit protection service

Comment 12th July 2010

I have had a few tenanted properties for many years and since the formation of the DPS I have found them bureaucratic and almost impossible to deal with. I could give you many examples of their unhelpfulness and incompetence but I have found that one recent example sums things up.

I recently let a small flat to a lady on DSS who needed the deposit provided by the local council who in previous cases placed the deposit with the DPS in accordance with the current procedure. They informed me however that they had found the DPS impossible to deal with and had decided to issue landlords with a form of bond to avoid any contact with the DPS.

It seems to me that if a Local Authority cannot communcate with this Quango, the latter should be abolished and that these deposit agencies should be abolished. Surely the law is adequate so that any rogue landlords can to be taken to the County Court as happened before this unnecessary organisation was formed.

Why does this matter?

The simple answer is that it will save the taxpayer a great deal of money.

Also important although less so is the fact that both landlords and tenants would not have to do so much form filling and battling with a faceless quango.

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