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forfeiture without conviction

Comment 20th July 2010

repeal all financial penalties imposed on the average citizen.  as long as there is a profit to made there will always be the offence, for example

if everybody parked legally and no parking tickets were issued , councils would reduce the number of parking spaces available inorder to be able fine people.

if the speeding limit was abided by and no one ever got a speeding ticket, the police service would look to redice the speed limit or introduce other acts to charge, i.e, fine you for doing a u turn.

no body should profit from crime, however the state profits everyday.  let them take me to court and prove the fact, but that will just cost the state more.

Why does this matter?

these are stealth taxes and need to be revoked. this will result in more parking spaces, as there will be no need to restrict parking space for the pursiut of income.

give speeders alternative punishment if convicted in a court of law.

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