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Freedom Of Information Act – and Freedom

Comment 16th July 2010

The freedom of information act has been abused and can be proven so:

These three separate documents unequivocally prove that information has been withheld from a biased point of view.  Any other subject matter and this would have been headline news, but, for some reason, it didn't.

On the 9th July 2010, the freedom of information act finally relented and gave up this piece of damning evidence against the drug classification system, it vindicates Professor Nutt entirely.  Not to mention, it makes a mockery of the governance of the day.  The full document pdf can be found here:


In 2007, the FOI vetted this document so as "to avoid a focus on the gaps in the evidence base" and cited the group Transform specifically.  This is against the rules of the FOI act, no biased is allowed to a party wishing to view a document.  Once more, the full story and document  PDF can be found here:


And finally, this piece of information was withheld from the public for 9 months and was "slipped through" with the Mephadrone ban.  The document called "pathways to problems" is a report from the ACMD .  The document is a highly critical of the way alcohol is handled in the UK, once more, it has received little attention and the recommendations were not heeded.  The story can be found here:

I would like the Freedom Of Information act to do as it says, allow freedom without bias or partisan ethics.

Why does this matter?

This post will inevitability be regarded as a soapbox, but I would like to inform of my emotive reasons, sentimental they may be, but no less valid.

I have four Grandparents that fought in the war and went through immeasurable suffering so I could have my freedom, and if that means information that could be detrimental to the government, then so be it!

We do live in a democracy, it is ok to hold the ideals of that premiss in high regard.  I owe it to any British citizen who has fought for me to respect their sacrifice and be allowed un-vetted public documentation.  I thank them for my freedom, and I owe it to them to do my part to continue that fight.

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