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General register Office reform

Comment 7th August 2010

The 1953 Act for the Registration of Births and deaths in England and Wales, requires up to date clear definition because basic information can at the moment only be provided in the form of expensive official documents.

The information is in part, already digitalised, and used to create the paper documents.

Therefore the digitalisation could be made available for historians , and increase revenue.

At present basic identity checks for the person on the certificate is not available, especially for death certificates, and so it has to be a risk and money is paid for a document for the wrong person.

Please change this Act to bring matters up to date and also to reduce risk and costs to the purchaser.

Why does this matter?

Family History is a growing pastime and there is evidence that people are by passing obtaining proof in the form of certificates, due to high costs per paper document, and no certainty that the   form is correct until it is received.

To avoid high costs and risk, this evidence is by passed, resulting in faulty family tree archive building, which other people are liable to copy, so increasing the misinformation.


if the process is simplified for the GRO and for the public, with more realistic costs, the benefit would be more researchers accomplishing correct research, and increased revenue as a result.

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