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Hold the American Government responsible for IRA Funding

Comment 21st July 2010


I feel this is a strong moral principle for MANY British person today


I say the British Government MUST call the American government into question of allowing its people to fund terrorism, namely the provincial IRA during the 1970's to late 90's Not just me but MANY British people today held Tony Blair in contempt for cuddling up to the Americans whilst they were ALLOWING their citizens to fund and support the IRA via NORAID!

During the 1970's 80#s and early 90's we ALL lived under the IRA threat, with each bullet funded by Libya and the United States. We have held Libya to account now the same must be done for America!

As in all western governments they work for the PEOPLE and not the other way around, ergo the goverment is also representitive OF the people and that means by definition the US. Goverment MUST be held accountable for its OWN peoples Actions!

I say compensation MUST be paid to all effected famalies by the actions of Barry Flannery and Noraid/IRA to all VICTIMS of IRA attrocities.

By the way I am not from ulster (though i lived there for a couple of years in the 70's) I am English, my father was a royal marine/ Special Boat Squadron commando stationed in Belfast! Serial number HM24656


Though the IRA is noW a so called peaceful organisation, the crimes that the US people laid  against every single British Person is intolerable.

I will not take this administration seriously, until it has the courage to stand UP, rise UP for the people and say NO to America until Barak Obama Apologies for crimes commited against Ulster and the British people by memebers of the American public whom held fund raising dinners to help NORAID!

This in the minds of every british citizen today Mr Cameron. I employ please hold the United States government into question over the actions of its people!

Mr Cameron DO NOT stand shoulder to shoulder with America. Stand firm head held high with the BRITISH people, STAND with them and FOR THEM and the best way to do that is hold THEM accountable for IRA actions!




Why does this matter?


Every briths person and every soldier who served in Belfast deserves to see closure. The only country that has NOT been held over funding terrorist actions is America. Please see justice done I and the PEOPLE of the UK Cry out for this!

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