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I challenge the government and anybody to prove the contrary of this

Comment 11th February 2016

50 Reasons to Legalize/Illegalize Marijuana Today

Every point is described with details and solid arguments at :

1. No Marijuana Overdose :

2. Not a Gateway Drug

3. Marijuana Cures Everything

4. Smoking Cigarettes is Worse

5. Driving While Stoned Not as Bad as DUI

6. Marijuana Better Than Alcohol :

7. Marijuana is the Same as in 1960’s :

8. Marijuana Doesn’t Cause Death :

Lesser Known Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Today

You may not have heard of these reasons to legalize marijuana

9. THC = Broccoli :

10. Hemp Isn’t Marijuana :

11. Marijuana Chemical May Fight Brain Cancer :

12. Hemp is Illegal for the Wrong Reasons :

13. Moral to Smoke Pot :

14. Marijuana Benefits Mood :

15. Marijuana Stimulates Brain Cell Growth :

Non-User Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Today

Even if you don’t use marijuana, the below are reasons to legalize it

16. The Drug War :

17. Criminals Aren’t The Only Ones Dying in the Drug War :

18. Drug Tests Violate Privacy :

19. Medical Users and Child Custody :

20. Possible Aid for Autism :

21. Marijuana for Cancer :

22. Other Benefits :

23. What Does it Cost? :

24. It’s Expensive :

Why does this matter?

Well Known Reasons to Illegalize Marijuana Today

These are some of the most commonly used reasons to illegalize marijuana today.

26. Too Much of Anything Can Kill You

27. It is a Gateway Drug :

28. Marijuana Doesn’t Cure Anything :

29. Marijuana Can Be Associated With Hemp :

30. Marijuana is Worse Than Smoking :

31. Marijuana Does Lead to Reckless Driving :

32. Alcohol Better Than Marijuana

33. Marijuana More Potent Than in 1960’s :

34. It Does Cause Death :

Lesser Known Reasons to Illegalize Marijuana Today

You may not have heard of these reasons to illegalize marijuana.

36. Everyone Else is Smoking It :

37. Marijuana Worse Than Cigarettes :

38. Girls Are Using It More :

39. Hemp is Legal :

40. Immoral to Smoke Pot :

41. Drug Tests Help Users :

42. But Can Hurt Other Tests :

43. Marijuana and Depression :

44. Marijuana Kills Brain Cells :

Non-User Reasons to Illegalize Marijuana Today

Even if you believe in marijuana legalization and don’t use it, have a look at these reasons.

46. Pot Smoking Kills Others :

47. Opiate Caused ER Visits Skyrocket :

48. Marijuana Also Tops Drug Related ER Visits :

49. It Contributes to Human Trafficking :

50. It’s the Kids Who Suffer :


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