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It is very clear that the Prime Minister and his advisors have no idea about the police

Comment 10th July 2010

It is very clear that the Prime Minister and his advisors have no idea about the police. He tells us  the police will have to give more for less if he and his advisors were in touch with today’s policing they would know that our police officers are over stretched.


I have been an Imaging officer (30 years) working operational with police officers and not including Neighbourhood policing most officers I know have not had a meal break in well over 12 weeks.


Most response officers come on duty and blue light from one job to the next taking them well out of their shift working longer hours. There is only so much one can give and the front line officer is giving their all and more and have been since the introduction of Neighbourhood policing.


Today’s response officer has no work life balance as they dash at risk from one job to the next. Not only are they putting themselves and their careers at risk but also the public.


Today many of the public reach for their mobile phones as a gun fighter did in the old west. Many of the so called 999 calls are rubbish couples falling out with each other results in a 999 call.

That seldom result in a charge as they soon make up.


Those that call 999 for no just reason should be charged at least £100 for wasting police time. Of course one would not wish to deter the genuine 999 call but from experience I know many are a waste of police time all which cost the tax payer. And those making these calls should have to pay.

Why does this matter?

Look after our police because if you do not no one will look after you. Instead of cutting public spending, stop overseas aid. Much of the money sent by this country goes to line the pockets of the country’s leaders and the likes of India and Pakistan who is a nuclear power gets millions from us each year.

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