Keep Christanity in the UK

We for hundrends of years have been a Christian country, our roots are built up this way. Why is it that we are now looking to cut out a chunk of our history from our schools and no longer teach Christianity in our schools?  I find it very worrying thatmy children this year celebrated ramadan at school, they celebrated Diwali, they learned about muslim customs and other religions but by passed Easter, Christmas ws all about Santa Claus and no other Christian celebration were mentioned and we wonder why our children are losing the plot and struggling to know right form wrong.  We better watch out because as Christianity decreases other faiths (not mentioning which) increase and are taking over our schools, shops, towns etc. Before we know it our kids will be hiding behind idols and flowing gowns!

Britain IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY! it defines us, other religions in their defence at least continue their faith through all generations where as now what does Britian believe in? A little bit of this and a little bit of that or nothing, God help us all then. I choose to believe in salvation through Christ Jesus, our laws are built upon the bible and we were to swear oaths on it but yet many kids dont even know what the bible is!

The government used to hold high Christian values, Stand up for the name of God Almighty! At the very least Christians have a right too and more of a right in this country to exercise their faith and opinions than other religions but yet we are seen as being crazy while Muslims are cool!!!!! scary! Im not picking on Muslims only using them as an example, I have many Muslim friends who I love.

My kids have the right to be taught Christianity, it is their hostory, their roots and indeed the beginning of mankind and the creation of our universe, perhaps many dont believe that but dont we live in a world of free choice and our kids should be give the opportunity to make that choice knowing al the facts about our Christian faith. I gurantee lower crime rates, lower divorce rates, lower abuse rates, better morality, better relationships, a country that can stand up for what it believes in instead of falling for nothing

Why does this idea matter?

It can and will shape the future of our country, Children have little morals and trust me they dont do what their parents say, as a mother of 5, I know this to be true, they need something solid to stand on and stand for

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