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Make The EU Play Fair.

Comment 19th August 2010

Britain was a proud nation, were we could live our lives in peace and have freedom of speech and freedom to express ourselves. Our traditions were our own and we didn't have to watch everything we say or do for fear of being taken to court over just living our lives how we want to live them.

Now we have an interfering EU that cannot keep their noses out of Britain's affairs at all. We have had the stupid banana rule, that they have to be a certain size and shape. We have had to change all our weights system with fresh fruit and bread, as well as other foods.

Now the tradition of buying a dozen eggs or  a dozen bread rolls is under threat, because EU have made another ruling.

We have had all the rules of open borders for trade, yet France totally does everything in their power to make sure they hinder us. For instance everytime that their lorry drivers, farmers, ferries etc have a dispute, they block the channel tunnel and the ports so that British Lorries that carry British goods cannot get through which affects the livehoods of British companies.

Our country is being overrun by illegal immigrants, and economic migrants, so that British people are not being given a chance.

Why does this matter?

It is about time that politicans spoke up for British interests without falling soft everytime they get called names from other countries within the EU.

How do you expect British people to have pride in our nation, when our own Prime Minister and his cabinet are too scared to challenge  EU's stupid laws that do not allow the British people to follow traditions that are part of our heritage.

Let us have our imperial measurements for eggs, bread and veg.  Let us shut down our borders and have proper border checks before letting any lorry, come in our country with illegal immigrants that France keeps dumping on us, because they don't take care to man their side.

Challenge France when they have industrial strikes that end up blocking British Drivers to travel through France, by blocking the ports and channel tunnel as they are breaking the rule of the international trade agreement making sure that we can travel through out Europe to do our business abroad.

Let us get back to helping our farmers produce for this country, we can be self sufficient in produce and meat, which will have a brilliant impact on imported goods as we won't need to import these goods if we produce them at a reasonable rate for us.

We need a level playing field so that we can get back on our feet. However we are constantly being undermined by the EU by their stupid rules that they don't follow themselves.

So it is about time you told them to take a hike as we are continuing to live our lives and follow our own traditions which was the one of the basic rules of the EU. That they wouldn't interfer with the customs and traditions, and then in the next breath they are slipping rules through the net that cause a headache to our British way of life.

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