New Law: All Local Councils To Check Immigrants Documents With Source

Over the last thirty years millions of immigrants have entered the UK some with forged passports and "permanent residency visas".

Local councils do not check back with immmigration department whether these 'residency visas' are genuine – they just photocopy them and stick them in a filing cabinet. Housing benefit is then paid out to that immigrant.

Likewise with the 'dole' office, no check backs are made of either visa or pasport.

I would like to see a law to compell all authorities to have to check the status with immigration first before giving either 'dole' or housing benefit. Also – check back all documents still not checked for the last ten years that are still in their filing cabinets. I feel sure this will save billions of pounds paid out in the future as well as getting back what we have paid out already by fraud.

Other countries such as USA, Australia and New Zealand check every document with source, why don't we? You would not get a taxpayer dollar in any of those countries with false documents. We have been too soft.


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Why does this idea matter?

Britain is full we need to offload all these immigrants – especially the ones without proper documentation. Too many can buy forged passports and 'residency visas' in Pakistan wiht back street immigration agents, this has been going on for thirty years that I know of. We are too soft on immigrants, we no longer have large factories where we need to employ them, one in four jobs are taken by immigrants while our school leavers are put on 'training schemes' because all available jobs are gone. Enough is enough!

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