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Please give consideration to legalising (and controlling) “street” drugs

Comment 4th February 2016

As per the Gilmore report – Legalisation and concurrent control of all currently illegal drugs.

Why does this matter?

These links state the case: –


The misery that these substances cause and the level of criminal activity associated with them simply cannot be right.

It cannot be beyond our wit as a society to make them legal; ask users to register for supply through controlled outlets (thereby avoiding the Netherlands scenario); provide them safely and cheaply, thus cutting out the criminal suppliers and associated criminal activity.

Why is it about our freedom? Obviously it will improve the lives of the users, but will also free the rest of us from the visible blight on many of our communities.

I was in a quaint market town a few days ago, and was accosted by someone trying to sell drugs to me, and then fended off an attempted robbery by someone obviously after money to fund their addiction…… much easier and safer if this poor bloke could just go to a registered outlet, get what he needs and not have to resort to crime to pay criminals?

Come on Coalition. Freedom from dependence for the users, freedom from violence for other citizens and disenfrchisement of the criminal suppliers



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