Prevent politicians setting up pointless websites to canvass popular opinion

You see, it's a very old trick. Ask the people what they would do if they had the chance and then cherry-pick the ideas you were going to implement anyway. This gives you the chance to claim these policies come about because of popular support. Anything you disagree with, no matter how popular in the poll, you reject. I notice that the legalisation of cannabis is the most popular suggestion, but that's not going to happen is it? I see you've already ruled out re-introducing the death penalty and a repeal of the smoking ban…both popular suggestions on here.  Now I can't say I necessarily agree with these suggestions, but you can't have it both ways, can you? If you ask the people what they want and then you ignore the most popular suggestions, then what is the point? So my proposal is to bar politicians of any hue from setting up a website like this one. If you want to do it properly, have legally binding referenda on these issues….

Why does this idea matter?

Because it reduces the opportunity for politicians  to claim public support for what they were planning to do anyway. 

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