Prison Sentencing by Money not Time

Except for life sentences – which should be total life – the length of a prison sentence should be pre-determined by an amount of money to be earned and paid back by the prisoner.

Meaningful work will provided in prison and paid for at the minimum wage – the results could be sold at a profit. – with commission to the Govenor and warders.

Basic food and accomodation will be provided free of charge but extras – such as single cells – better food – tv's etc will be paid for out of earnings.

The money earned will go towards victim compensation and then the Justice System.

Bad behaviour will be awarded by suitable fines – to be worked off.

Why does this idea matter?

1.  The prisoner will be in charge of his/her time spent in prison.

2.  It will give a sense of self worth and make things easier on release.

3.  It will generate money.

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