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Comment 24th July 2010

Our government is called a democracy. The labour party proved and so far the Con/Lib have re-inforced the fact that we do not live in a democracy but a five year dictatorship. This website proves that if it is not on their agenda, then it is wiped off. Immigration, the smoking ban, capital punishement, foreign aid. Things that the people want and comment about are ignored or removed. The political ELITE have their own agenda which we the voting public will never be privy to. Is it the well paid job in Europe after parliament, a few well paid directorships after parliament, their place in history? Who knows the reasons behind their decisions, we never will. 

Why does this matter?

It should be made law that all MPs, Ministers, PMs and deputy PMs cease to use the word democracy and henceforth use the word dictatorship. They know what's best for us afterall, it is their country after all not ours. You know it makes sense.

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