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Reduce Age at which TV licence is free & reduce the fee for all others

Comment 2nd July 2010

The age of 75 should be reduced.  I am only 40, and I know It's a disgrace that people over 65, retired, have to pay a licence fee.  What sort of a society takes from the elderly to line the pockets of weatly presenters and tv bosses. 

I also think it's too expensive for what it is, most of the money taken from fee payers is wasted on managers salaries and expenses, as well as presenters (who frankly aren't that talented or worthy of the amounts paid).  It should be reduced to a reasonable amount for everyone else.


Why does this matter?

TV license fees are unfair on the elderly, and shoud be abolished for those over 65. 

TV license fees are far too high for everyone else, and should be reduced to fund (what is an important service) which clearly should be managed more effectly and come under the scrutiny of the public – who fund it.

No large salaries to bosses, presenters.  No ridiculous expenses.  Then there'd be pleanty to make good programmes, and use the talent that is in the UK.

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