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Reduce RTAs by a 12 month probationary period following a driving test pass.

Comment 1st July 2010

A high percentage of serious accidents are caused by inexperienced drivers.  While most new drivers are responsible, a person can pass their driving test and then ignore all they have learnt and drive recklessly.  Passing a test does not make a good driver.  This only comes with experience. In fact a driver never stops learning.

I propose that when a person passes their test  the terms of their licence state that if they are convicted of a moving traffic offence within 12 months they must  apply for another test.  If they do not take this within 3 months they automatically revert to a provisional licence. Parking offences would be excluded as they are not generally hazardous.

An alternative, to reduce convicted drivers to a provisonal licence immediately on conviction, is undesirable, as this may cause severe problems for those relying on their vehicle for work etc.

Why does this matter?

I believe this would significantly reduce accidents among novice drivers, as nobody wants to risk having to retake a driving test.  Also, by compelling drivers to think carefully about their driving standards for 12 month they will develop a culture of considerate driving.

The adminstration costs would be minimal, as it would only apply for the first year and then only to those convicted.  The responsiblity to book another test would rest with the individual, as would the cost of the test.  The only process change that need be introduced is a means of monitoring when 3 months has elapsed from the date of conviction, so that reversion to a provisonal licence can be triggered if appropriate.  The scheme would be largely self-funding.

A secondary benefit would be a saving to the NHS by reducing the number of serious accident cases admitted to A&E.

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