When I worked in retail a few years ago, a lot of the HGV delivery drivers where agency drivers from Poland. And what I noticed was, they all had trouble turning their waggons to our delivery entrance. They all tried cutting corners as if driving a car, and they all kept getting stuck! I had to physically walk them along the road and tell them exactly where to start their turn in order to get round the corner. They didn't have a clue!!

I mentioned this to one of the English drivers and he informed me that the Polish drivers had never past HGV driving tests. They where all driving HGV waggons on agracultural licences. Seems if you can get a licence to drive a tractor or other farm vehicle in Poland, then that qualifies you to drive a HGV in this country.

So scrap the law that allows this to happen and make everyone pass the same tests.

Why is this idea important?

It will make our roads that little bit safer if the people in charge of HGVs can actually drive them!

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  1. The D.C where I work use few driving agencies and they always seem to send polish drivers that no one else wants. They are a danger on the roads and in the service yard, not only to themselves but to others as well.
    Not only do they usually have a poor grasp of speaking and understanding English, they all seem to have problems understanding road signs etc.
    If any one wants to drive in the U.K. shouldn’t they be able to drive to U.K test standards ?

    1. Yes ! Absolutely they should have to pass a UK LGV “proper” driving test.
      I am a registered DSA Driving instructor for HGV’s, Coaches and cars.
      I have assessed many drivers included those that have “passed” a test in Poland…. I am sorry if this offends anyone BUT generally speaking their driving standard is way below the criteria for passing a UK driving test.

    2. Man you must be very poor gay. We know how dificult is to get hgv in Poland. How long is the course theory, practical CPC. HERE I WAS ON THE 8 h course for class 2 and another 8 h driving for class 1. The course and tests here are funny… CPC course only 4 h in classroom. It is shame. Just f. e. Cpc in Poland is 1,5 month course. You have to pass a test in driving school in Poland before they let you go for hgv tests. Keep your comments for yourself. There is only one diferent. We dont hold steering wheel like you pull/push pull and push…….

      1. And I add when you pass hgv test/ cpc here you even dont know how to open curtain on a trailer…pnce again brothers it is schame


      3. Low iq English fucks thing they better. Training and education in England equal to Uganda levels. Get a license in Europe then you will know what a license means.

      4. Don’t talk so fucking stupid, I’ve seen you flip flops trying to park. I also have video evidence, it’s shocking.

    3. Did you ever consider that the agency might have difficulty getting an english driver to work for your d.c? Perhaps your d.c. doesn\’t have a good reputation & only the less experienced Polish drivers are willing to do the work!

  2. “I mentioned this to one of the English drivers and he informed me that the Polish drivers had never past HGV driving tests.”

    Yep! This is very reliable source. You should become a scientist!

  3. I don’t know where the driver You spoke with have his information from but they need to do a wee bit more research same as You before coming with post like that. Poland have the same HGV tests, Medical exams etc same as UK or any other EU country, maybe the drivers You encountered were working for the agency because lack of experience and they need to start somewhere. Get your facts right!

  4. I’m never seen that stupid text.
    In Poland if you passed test for tractor you got driving licence for tractor nothing more.
    Test for HGV it’s much more difficult in Poland.
    The same for B Kat in Poland if you do one mistake your test its failed.

  5. This just in your country is weak level to pass a driver’s license. in me in Poland I have to stop driving backwards 20 cm from the post. hour drive around the city where you do not know where to go and the instructor tries to enter you into mistakes on the road. not like in the UK I know which way I go. I am with you in the country you can not ride. falls a little rain or snow, and we have to drive in traffic because the terror in the eyes of drivers. and on tractors they learn to Romania. because I was learning, and seemed to MAN.

  6. Hahaha 🙂 you are so funny guys 🙂 it is not true. All you need to have to get hgv licence are one cow and one pig in the house 🙂 seriously… Go to Poland and try to pass hgv course, hgv exam and cpc course 🙂 Ohh sorry psychotechnical research as well 🙂 good luck guys 🙂

  7. Jesteście idijotami. Polscy kierowcy lepiej dają radę niż wy Rodowici angole.to ze ktoś nie ma perfekcyjnego języka nie znaczy ze brak umiejętności w prowadzeniu ciężarówki. Polak zawsze mógł więcej bo potrafił wyjść z opresji a wy się poddaje cie jak downy

  8. What do you know about Polish driving license tests? Have you tried to pass it? They are more complicated than British ones. And this is not true that you have to pass tractor license to drive hgv. You have to pass theory than practical tests. If you met people with problems in tight places I’d like to see you as a new starter. You need a practice and than you have more skills and you are more confident. Go to Poland and try to drive over there if you are a wheel champion.

  9. what? I think that someone listening some idiots and then describing Poles as the worst drivers on the World, but I’d like to remind that not only polish drivers are in the UK! And what an idiotic idea with that agricultural driving licence? Maybe this is possible somwhere in far far east but in Poland like in whole Europe anyone who want to drive HGV’S have to pass relevant test, not on tractor, beside have you ever drove vehicles on other European roads? Try, then say something

  10. Wow you ar Big Boss
    1.first make sure you know something about Poland and Polish roles before you start writing about it
    2.Get the truck wyth left side steering wheel and try
    3.all license you have to pass separate
    4.if you complain about ass just want let you know im driver and what im doing im driving everywhere because drivers like you say im not doing delivery to London send Polish that not first and last time, just lazy

  11. Ok, it doesn’t matter whether the test in Poland is easier or not, but can anyone explain why some of them don’t even know the proper way to enter the cab and why they don’t know how to hook up a trailer or why they indicate and cut in before they’ve past us on motorways or why they don’t do walk round checks in the mornings? not to mention all the Shite stacked up on the dashboard ie: teddy bears, laptops etc

  12. We must write a letter to DVLA and informed them.Romanian and Bulgarian more worse then Polish people’s. These people’s never passed hgv test and getting hgv licence from dodge way just for use in UK. DVLA is blind I think so.

    1. Wanker…In next 5-10 years you’ll start again mating between cousins in this loathsome island…No sense…

  13. I completely disagree with this post! If Anything the Polish drivers are very well trained and are as good if not better than English trained drivers! Now some other denominations are Not as well trained as the most Western Europeans! A lot from further away East Europeans have little or No training but definitely Not the Poles! I think the boss of that firm is misinformed!

  14. Who has wrote this silly things?
    90% of British drivers NEVER will be got the car license in Poland or in different EU country. Ha,ha.

  15. The information in this blog is wrong. You cannot drive an HGV in Poland with a tractor Licence. I have the tractor licence but cannot drive an HGV, however our tractors deliver wheat, rapeseed, and spuds with two trailers weighing in at 20 tonnes +. Try reversing a farm trailer with front steering, you’ll find it a lot harder than that of an HGV and trailer. The HGV test here is every bit as hard as it is in the UK. Everything now is European Standard.

  16. Polish driving test explained..
    Park truck up at test centre.
    Leave €50 on passenger seat and exit truck with instructor.
    Go for a coffee return to truck to find hgv license on passenger seat.

  17. Romanian artic test… drive 1.5 km up the road, turn round drive another 1.5 km if you can do that then you pass your artic test, no reverse test or uncouple and recouple, absolute joke, and I know this is true as my mate went over there a while ago to assess the lgv driving test as he is an instructor in the UK

  18. Don’t talk rubbish Ian polish and got my hgv licence through agency never drove a truck in my life the set up with a driver in polish driver in uk then share the driving to get experience then when get a job you pay them a percentage of your wage no test nothing got hgv1 and bus I’ve not even past my car test driving truck in uk for 3 years now will uk licence

  19. British truck driver since 2002, Some of these comments are a joke, I know some really good drivers from all over Europe… and some terrible ones too!!

    But for those of you commenting on how much better polish drivers are and how much harder their tests are please look up the stats for driving accidents and deaths per million drivers between the two countries it isn’t even close.

    Poland has been ranked as one of the most accident riddled countries in Europe for driving trucks and cars, the UK has a much better record in both of these fields.

    That is not saying all polish people are crap drivers some are very good and thats coming from someone who just had a polish truck driver reverse into his truck 2 days ago while reversing into a big bay at a RDC on his good side.

    If you are offended by stats and what I have said then I guess you accept when I say crap drivers you are included in that.

  20. Oh dear !! What have we let ourselves in for ?????. Beside the language barrier , we never know who is safe on the roads these days , I’ve seen foreign drivers pass me at great speed watching a film on their lap tops with one foot on the dashboard away from the accelerator also during the day the amount of times I’ve been asked to back a trailer in for the driver who drives an English truck with who seems to have a mickey mouse license that has tried several times to get it on a straight bay let alone a tight spot I’ve lost count” .so I fully agree if the government want foreign drivers to drive “OUR” trucks please do it through the correct procedure and pay for it themselves, not out of our tax payers money then until then our roads will be safe once again !! . No prejudice intended everyone deserves a break but do it the correct way .

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