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Reduced Applications for Disability Assistance

Comment 5th July 2010

Our son has many complex, congenital deformities.   As a result, he is under 7 different teams at Great Ormond Street Hospital.   He is, thankfully, stable and at home with his family which is such a blessing.  However, we currently have to apply throughout the year for various assistance for his poor health.  For example, the Disability Living Allowance, the Carers Allowance, a blue badge for the car, exemption from congestion charging, a Statement of Education for School etc.   My time is totally taken up with his daily care needs and stock taking of his medical equipment and prescriptions not to mention making sure his two sisters are fulfilled and yet I am always filling in some form or application.

A disabled person should be met with by a medical professional, assessed and information then held centrally that generates their inclusion in these schemes automatically rather than making already stretched families jump through numerous hoops every time something is needed.

Why does this matter?

The current system requires already stretched families of disabled individuals to jump through numerous time consuming and upsetting hoops which is unfair and insensitive.

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