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Reject Refugees

Comment 12th July 2010

The UK needs to reject all applications for refugee status and expel all those currently residing here in the name of asylum. The UK is an Island nation, surrounded by free countries. In order to be deemed a refugee you're supposed to claim asylum in the first free country you encounter. As there are no countries surrounding the the UK where people are being persecuted, then there is no legitimate claim to asylum in the UK. 

Why does this matter?

By expelling all refugees, this would save billions of pounds per year in fraudulent benefit claims and legal fees. Take the case of Abdi and Sayruq Nur for example. They have come from Somalia and so have passed through at least a dozen free countries in which to claim asylum. Instead they have seen the UK as a soft touch and are now claiming £2000 per week in housing benefit, after rejecting a £900 per week house, on top of this they are being paid benefits, health care, education and numerous other benefits. Expelling this one family alone would save us over £250,000 per year. 

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