Stop refugees from entering the UK. If they come in – ship them out again ASAP.

Freeze Immigration until England sorts itself out. We are living in a mess so why bring people in before we can tidy up?


Why is this idea important?

I am not racist but we have to see sense. Refugees are flooding in and it is time to stop. England is no longer the country my grandpartents fought for during WW2 – it has become greed and sloppy.

Rolls Royce; Mini; Rowntrees; HP; Daddies; Cadburys and now Tate & Lyal have all closed their doors on us so they can save money by having factories outside the UK. This is not good if you did not get a good education because you won't get a job at their UK offices if you didn't get A+ grades.

As for the last few remaining companys it is the same. LoveFilm; Sunlight; Bernard & Matthews; Books Direct and a large number of cleaning firms employee more foreign workers then they do with English.

Why didn't Labour see this! Why were they so blind?

Yes, Refugees are put into small houses behind fences so they can be kept warm and dry,  but they still moan and protest and burn furniture and cloths they are given. Do these Refugees know that young UK familys are screaming out for houses as well.

Nick Clegg – Gorden Brown is gone! So can you and David please step out from his shadow and get to work. Bust these companies who employee more immigrant workers then UK residents. Throw out these moaning ungratful Refugees.

Its time for common sense.

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