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Repeal ban on showing legally docked dogs….

Comment 1st July 2010

Current legislation (Animal Welfare Act 2006) states that you are not permitted to show legally docked dogs when members of the public pay to enter such shows.

Legally docked dogs may be shown when members of the public do not pay to enter such shows.

My idea is to repeal this legislation and allow legally docked dogs to be exhibited at all dog shows regardless of whether the public pay to enter.  The fact that they are legally docked means that dogs are not docked merely for cosmetic reasons but to enable them to work without risk of injury.  

Current legislation infringes upon the civil liberty of citizens to enjoy owning and showing working dogs in a number of breeds.

Why does this matter?

This repeal would end a stupid law which sees working breeds effectively banned from being shown.  With current concern about the health and well being of pedigree dogs, this law discourages dogs which are being used in accordance with their original function (and are therefore fit for purpose) gaining recognition within their breed at championship dog shows.

The repeal of the law would restore the liberty of responsible law-abiding citizens to enjoy a hobby and sport free from the criminalising effects of this law: to show a legally docked dog should never be a criminal offence.

The repeal of this law would end the confusion concerning whether working dogs can or cannot be shown at a particular show.

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