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Repeal the recent amendments to the firearms act which ban section 5 ownership

Comment 11th August 2010

Correct the grave injustice inflicted on thousands of British citizens by removing this discriminatory amendment.

Why does this matter?

After the 2 awful tragedies of Dunblane and Hungerford, the action of the government was to add an amendment to the Firearms act and this puts them in contravention of the Discriminations act; they are not treating shooters equally. These actions of the last government were to deny British citizens the right to own section 5 firearms because they judged it to represent a danger to the general public.
Each year in this country thousands of people are killed and injured by drinking and driving” so logically the government’s response must be LETS BAN CAR OWNERSHIP!
It makes sense NO CARS ergo NO DRINKING and DRIVING = no deaths or injuries. This is the logic they applied to the firearms legislation in banning hand guns so if this government is not to be seen as discriminating they must Ban Car ownership.
But no they won’t go that far to buy votes so Reinstate the balance and give us back our rights to own section 5 firearms.
If this was an alcohol issue then the government would have you believe if “Thousands of people are injured each year by drinking and driving” so logically LETS BAN CAR OWNERSHIP!
It makes sense NO CARS ergo NO DRINKING and DRIVING and obviously you would gladly give up your cars to save lives, cars are so dangerous!

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