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Skilled Unemployed

Comment 6th August 2010

Being over 50 I am aware of the discrimation in the work place.  I have applied for hundreds of jobs but have only had two interviews. I saw an article in the "Daily Mail" yesterday regarding the over 50s who are highly skilled and looking for a job, but are unable to find one. The other side of the coin is the CBI telling everyone that this country has a skills shortage, and skilled people need to be let into the UK from outside of the European Union. This Is just an Idea to help solve both problems. Start a website where all the unemployed people could register their skills and C.V.  If an employer applies to the government saying, "I can't find the skills I want and need to bring people in from overseas"; they could  then be directed to this website and, with a little joined up thinking, the employer would find the skilled worker he needs and someone would get a job. If the employers still say  no one was suitable, they could be challenged. 

Why does this matter?

It would reduce the so called skill shortage and reduce the need to bring in skilled people from the third world where ther skills would be better utilised.

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