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why cant i live in my camper van

1 Comment 14th January 2016

if its parked on private land i have to move after 28 days. if i park in a lay by im told by numerous signs,, no camping. no cooking no overnight sleeping. etc. this sign is everywhere. if i drive my camper to the pub. i drink too much. i get in my bed in the van in pub car park. i will be arrested for having the keys to my van on the premises. this means im  about to drive my van. well no. im in my bed. should i throw my keys out of the window?

Why does this matter?

its my idea of a free life. i want to sell my house and live a free life.notin  uk. no sir. i will have to live in france.

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One Response to why cant i live in my camper van

  1. Desi says:

    If I had the financial means, I would purchase a high top extended van and have it build to live in. Housing eats the lion’s share of expenses, so why not live permanently in a van.

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