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Withdraw Police Power of Arrest without Evidence

1 Comment 9th July 2010

During the reign of the previous government they introduced a 'Power of Arrest' by the Police which covers just about every law on the statute book and even some which are not.

This immediately had the effect of turning our Police from a 'Police Service' to a 'Police Force'.

Now every time there is a complaint made against someone the Police arrest that person and take them to the Police Station where they have their fingerprints and DNA etc taken.

Police should only be able to make an arrest if there is evidence to support the offence and not just because someone has made an allegation.

As a result of the above I can only assume that there have been thousands of innocent people arrested and released after providing the obligatory fingerprint and DNA samples.

This practice has to stop and is not required in a free democratic society.

Why does this matter?

I would like society to be returned back to a more free society which existed prior to the last government.

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One Response to Withdraw Police Power of Arrest without Evidence

  1. Jack says:

    At what level would you set the threshold for evidence?

    The system wouldn’t work unless the police were given a power to detain suspects while they investigate. Which would be akin to arrest anyway.

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