Currently, under the Distance Selling Regulations, a buyer has the right to return an item they have bought mail order for a full refund, including the original cost of P&P.  I don't see why, as a small business, I should have to refund P&P costs at all.  I also don't think the DSRs should apply to items such as pierced jewellery, for health & hygiene reasons.

Why is this idea important?

I run a very small business, still in the early stages, most months supplemented from my partner's wages.  I don't see why I should be responsible for the cost of P&P when somebody simply changes their mind on an item.  I sell jewellery, all of which is covered by the DSRs, meaning that someone can, for example, purchase and try on a nosestud or lipstud, then just return it.  This is totally unhygienic, and means I have to discard the jewellery in question as I wouldn't expect a customer to wear something that has been in someone else's nose.  The DSRs in general need to be looked at and reconsidered; they are proving fatal to small businesses like my own.

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