Abolish the csa

Why is this idea important?

This service is a complete waste of money, its not a helpful services, people are passed from one department to another when telephonig the csa, it cost the person phoneing them a fortune because you are put on hold, The csa with hold payments and claim the tax back on it, This services is very unfair not just to fathers who are non resident parents but to mothers too, they are treated like dirt by these faceless people, their attitude is a disgrace, the service is POOR and the payments if your are lucky to receive any.  where the HELL do they get these figures from when they calculate how much a parent has to pay? Payments should be stopped once a child has left high school they have been given a national insurance number therefore the child can now look for work, STOP punishing parents we have paid our dues, stop harrassing people with letters, phone calls and threats of prison. get RID of this agency & think of a much fairer system. It makes me SICK this services.

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  1. We need to take action to get this illegal, corrupt organisation abolished!

    They are a fascist Government Organisation set up purely to extract as much money out of people as possible.

    They don’t give a damn about your circumstances, or the fact that you might have a family to feed. They have targets to achieve and they have the whole weight of the system on their side to achieve them.

    It’s all about the money. And where does the money go? It goes to pay the salaries of the people working fore the CSA and to pay off the Governments debts and to the bankers. Don’t believe me, do your research.

    Wake up people, it’s time for action! We need a discussion about ridding ourselves of this corrupt corporation once and for all.

  2. The CSA is poorly organised…for example the fact that every time you call you speak to a different person with no knowledge of the history gives no continuity and encourages defaulters to play the system. However, proposals to have to pay to use the system are frankly a disgrace…just a money making scheme for the government leaving the most important person, the child, worse off. God help those parents who have to deal with violent, lying, cheating ex-partners who are determined to avoid their responsibilities and payments by any means possible !

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