It drives me up the wall to think that a normal law abiding citizen who could be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, dentist, policeman or any job you could think of, who lives a normal life, works hard long hours, looks after the family, who is  a respected member of the community could possibly end up in prison for putting a cannabis cigarette in his/her mouth!

It just doesn't make sense. If I want to relax at the weekend, after a long week, and I want to have a cannabis cigarette – then why not? – I am not harming anyone or anything (apart from my lungs and bank balance).

Why not take the grown up approach and stop treating adults like children and let them make their own decisions

I ask this government to take a different approach to the past draconian middle class daily mail vote winning drug war strategies that just don't work, and move onto a more sensible mature approach. 

At the end of the day, people who smoke cannabis – want to smoke cannabis, and the law will not stop them, they just run the risk of getting a criminal record – and what good does that do to anyone?

Why is this idea important?

Because people are criminalized for doing something that is not wrong

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