Drugs, health matter not criminal – legalise cannabis

Why is this idea important?

It is about time that people who smoke cannabis for what ever reason are being discriminated against due to a "war" on drugs. Religion, medication, redcreation and saving the planet are all good reasons for this but the clincher, so EVERYBODY bennefits is the tax. Cannabis users are all up for the tax to be slapped on and thats not a problem as we gain from the change in law but non users will get a tax break from having to prop the country up – so thats win win for users and non users.

On the other side, crack, heroin, lsd etc etc the users of these drugs should not be convicted of a crime, they should be free to put what ever they want into their bodies and if they need help it should be there for them. The portugese methord is nearly 10 years old and they have lower drug use then ever before!

until i hurt another human i should be free to lead my life my way, not your way. People are happy when they are not held back by victimless crime laws.

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