Currently it is perfectly legal to sell Indian or Chinese (or other ethnic food)  on Sundays. It is also legal to sell sausage & chips, pie & chips etc on Sundays. Yet it is illegal to sell fried fish on Sunday (although in some areas the law is not enforced). This means that fast food of foreign origin can be sold freely, whilst the main native fast food, fish & chips, cannot legally be sold on Sunday.

Why is this idea important?

Simple equality for indigenous British traditions with those of foreign origin.

3 Replies to “Allow the sale of fried fish on Sundays”

  1. I remember my mum taking me to bingo 40 or so years ago and always thought she would not buy a fish on a Sunday as we were skint and this was just an excuse.
    I find to my horror not only was this true but its still not allowed and you wonder why we are being swamped with kebab and pizza shops that can trade with no restrictions.
    This law belongs in the past, lets make it so.

  2. I personally think this law was brought in back in the day. With a view that if no sale of fish on a Sunday Law was introduced then in a way it would keep stocks a little better rather than fishing for everything available within our waters. Ya know. Save a little for a rainy day. Albeit it’s a load of tosh but then again. They had brains back in the day unlike the clowns we have bringing in laws for things totally irrelevant to what is going on within our world or country.

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