A few years ago new regulations were introduced for the sale of vehicle registration plates.  To buy a new plate, you now have to present the vehicle registration document (V5) and proof of identity.  The idea is to stop criminals having false plates made up.

As with so many well-intentioned laws over the last few years, it doesn't work.  'Show' plates (sold as 'not for road use' but identical to the 'official' plates) are readily available with no proof of ID required.  The only group of people caused any inconvenience are garage owners such as myself.  If I have a vehicle in for MoT and one of the number plates is damaged, I have to ask the owner to go home, fetch the V5 and bring it back to me so I can get a new number plate.  Then I have to find a number plate seller prepared to sell me a number plate when the V5 is not in my name (not all of them will do this). Since I am not a criminal, all of this is a huge waste of time.

Problem easily solved – amend the regulations so that garage businesses are exempt from the need to produce a V5 to purchase a number plate.

Why is this idea important?

This suggestion will not change the world.  But time is money, and the regulations as they stand are a small but irritating impediment to legitimate businesses.  A problem easily fixed at minimal cost.  Please consider it.

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  1. Produce new regulations to stop the sale of anything resembling a vehicle registration plate, except under the same rules that apply to registration plates. The current position is a farce. The idea that ‘Show Plates’ are not going to be used on the road is unreal. A lot of these plates are going to be used to attempt to conceal a stolen vehicle.

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