review and amend the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 to be more fair and right for leasehold home owners. the current situation is heavily weighted in favour of the freeholder and even though a flat for example has been bought and paid for like any other home, the freeholder has the power to demand almost any figure he/she wishes in order to extend the lease.

Why is this idea important?

from personal experience, my wife and I are currently 'at the mercy' of a landlord 25 miles from our home who is demanding a 5 figure sum to extend our lease on our flat. This figure is equivilent to a deposit on a new home even though we 'own' our flat so is almost like paying for it again with no benefit to us and it is preventing our family life from moving on.

the way a leasehold  traps people by short leases detering potential buyers of a leasehold property and influencing obtaining a mortgage together with a unfair extension of leasehold process is unfair and affecting peoples lives. I suspect there are families across the UK in the same situation being held to ransom by unfair lease extension costs.

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